Introducing: VIVRA VIVRE

After vocalist Yoshiatsu resumed band activities by joining DADAROMA in 2014, some former members of Crazy★shampoo have now joined a new band as well. The band is called VIVRA VIVRE and has started activities since the end of 2014.

Vo. Nao

Gt. しおん(Sion), ex. Crazy★shampoo

Gt. 大介 (Daisuke), ex.Crazy★shampoo

Ba. ほたる (Hotaru), ex. GLARENOVEL

On February 1, the band released a video comment introducing themselves formally to the public:

The band had their first live together at Shibuya DESEO on January 28. Their debut one-man live will be held on May 19 with the venue to be announced. From now, they will participate in various lives with other visual kei bands between February and through April.

Their debut release will be a mini-album titled Yamanotesen Game (山手線ゲーム). The release will have a CD containing 5 songs and a DVD with a MV of one song. It will be on sale May 20. 

Below is the track-listing:

Yamanotesen Game 
01.新宿ベイビー (Shinjuku Baby)
02.池袋ボイス (Ikebukuro Voice)
03.上野スクリーム (Ueno Scream)
04.有楽町ラプソディー (Yuurakuchou Rhapsody)
05.渋谷ダイバー (Shibuya Diver)
01.新宿ベイビー (MV)

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