Gt. SAN (ex. NEGA) joins Black Gene for the Next Scene

Black Gene for the Next Scene has some exciting news! After the recent departure of drummer Sala in January, a new member has joined, bringing them back to 4.

The new member is another guitarist, SAN, who previously was the guitarist for NEGA and recently the:Ø. The announcement was made on February 25, and the new lineup will hold their first live on March 1 at Shinjuku ReNY.

Below is his current profile picture for the band:

His first release with the band will be their new maxi-single, Uragaeri (裏返り), that will be on sale April 22 in 3 types.

Source: OHP
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  1. So is he still part of the:Ø? Or did they disband/hiatus?

  2. Hi :)
    Apparently the:Ø disbanded this January, after their live at ASH Osaka. It was apparently sudden. Here's the link of the message and each member's message: (the first thing in the news section)