amber gris - Best Album Announced

After recently announcing their disbandment and plans for a final single, amber gris will also be releasing a best-of album.

The title is not yet finalized but the album will contain a CD with 21 of their songs. The CD will be on sale April 15, and will cost 3800 yen.

Below is the track-listing:

Title TBA
1. 銀色のコフィン (Giniro no cCffin)
2. Sinker
3. 茨の花は罪に咲く (Ibara no Hana wa Tsumi ni Saku)
4. Love in the first
5. over flow girl's sick
6. snoozy and roll
7. wishstar and sunlight and darkness
8. feel me
9.hazy moon luv gaze
10. フラニーはご機嫌斜め (Franny wa Gokigennaname)
11. 美醜 (Bishuu)
12. ロジィ(rosy)
13. 不浄の樹の下で (Fujou no Ki no Shita de)
14. bright or blind
15. Fragile
16. hermit.
17. そこにあるもの (Soko ni Aru Mono)
18. this cloudy
19. the Oath
20. Me
21. from mouth

Source: OHP
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