REVIEW: Sebastiano Serafini - FALLEN Impressions

Sioux (Vive Vagina Design & DJ)
Text: Matthew Whetstone
Photos are courtesy of Sebastiano Serafini

Released on November 7th, 2014, Sebastiano Serafini's debut single "FALLEN" was met with a very positive reception.  Recorded by German producer Oliver DeVille, the single's mix of pop, hardcore elements, and dubstep created a unique sound unlike anything heard before. An artist of the senses, Sebastiano's journey to explore the dreamer in all of us extends to the visual medium and beyond.

Project Fallen has great scope and wide array of visions so several notable figures from the Japanese fashion and music industries lent their talents to the project. The music video features appearances from several well-known musicians such as AOI (Shazna), Yukimi (ex UNiTE), Yuki (Liraizo/ex Mix Speaker's,Inc.), Louie (Rose Noire), Kizasi (Ecthelion), Nimo (ex A-Ace-) SHOW (VAATSU) and popular Japense fashion icons such as the shironuri artist minori, designer/DJ Sioux and Ageha model Amihamu.

Sebastiano Serafini's "FALLEN" music video is an imaginative tour de force that blends contrasting, and often diametrically opposed visual, musical, and design styles to create a world that is dreamlike in its lucidity. One such example of this can be seen in the collaborative effort between director Michael Laburt and art director Frank Nitty who were able to create a large world using smaller components.

"We made the video for 'Fallen' happen with not much more than a high speed camera, a few of Seba's friends and a miniature cardboard city. ...we sprinkled it with a little gold suit case movie magic wand and that's how we made Seba fall through his own mind. (Frank Nitty).

The video opens with an acoustic intro that will be instantly familiar to fans of the song, as overcast masks a large city in muted colors and lonely shades. The clouds speed by on fast forward and we're taken to a shot of Sebastiano standing atop one of the highest buildings, who seems to exist both inside and outside of time. Time slows as Sebastiano catches a glimpse of hope, of inspiration, of change, as meteors race across the skies and Sebastiano gives chase. He soars through the sky on a leap of faith, "drifting to eternity" he falls through the world, carried by a chorus of chants the tempo's speed increases as Sebastiano descends like a comet. AOI makes his appearance and brings his signature style as a complex mix of dubstep organically bridges not only the song but also the dreamlike cityscapes in the video as it transitions to people, who in exploring their artistry stand in stark contrast to the bleak world around them.

Yukimi (ex UNiTE)
Body painter Hikaru Cho's skills are on full display as she combines Picasso-esque cubism, and expressionism to give the performers a stunning visual image.
"I did body paintings in the 'Fallen' video. Afterward some visual effects were added, making the painting more mesmerizing. Many people with specialized skills worked together for this video. I hope everyone who watches it will enjoy it as much as I do." (Hikaru Cho)

With the chorus of "Pictures of you in mind, drifting to eternity" Sebastiano falls through his mind's eye and emerges transformed, and stands between two women representing the past (minori) and future (Sioux). AOI strums his guitar as though his entire spirit rides on the next chord. His passion ignites the city and sets the skies ablaze. Set aflame like Icarus, Sebastiano falls from the sky one final time.
minori (shironuri artist)


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  1. I am sorry reviewer but the song is really bad.the dubstep part is a joke..and serafini simply cannot sing even with such a good recording.the only thing that was good was the video which was unique and full of cameos