Introducing: DADAROMA

Left to Right: ba. Tomo, dr. Yusuke, vo. Yoshiatsu, gt. Takashi
DADAROMA is a fairly new band in the scene having started activities recently in 2014. However, the band members are no strangers to the scene, as a lot of you may recognize some from their previous bands! Below are the new members:

Vo. よしあつ (Yoshiatsu), ex. Crazy★shampoo

Gt. 太嘉志 (Takashi), ex. NAINE

Ba. 朋 (Tomo), ex. SUPER BOYS

Dr. 裕介 (Yusuke), ex. NAINE

So far, the only information that is available on their homepage is that they will have their debut one-man live, ダダロマ (DADAROMA), on January 11, 2015 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. Tickets will cost 3500yen. There is no announcement about a single being released but they have released a MV for their first song, Oboreru Sakana (溺れる魚). You can view the video below. 

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