Introducing: Develop One's Faculties

Left to Right: dr. Johannes, gt. Rui, vo. & gt. yuya, ba. detto
Develop One's Faculties is a new visual kei band that has started activities recently this past month! There's already a lot of information available to us, so let's get started!

First, below are the member's and their positions. Some of you might recognize them from their previous bands.

Vo. & Gt.  yuya, ex. Minerva, cocklobin
Gt. rui, ex. the Pumpkin Head, chemical pictures
Ba. detto, ex. Eve, edogawa paradox
Dr. Johannes, ex. CROW, ichigo69, mellow pinky, meth., cocklobin

Second, their debut live will be held on December 20th at Ikebukuro EDGE. 
Third, their debut single, is called フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた (Frasco wo Furu to Tenbin Yureta) and will be available on their official web-shop and at their live costing 1260 yen. Each edition will come with a different coupling track: "pierrot" for the live edition and "結果論" (kekkaron) for the web-shop edition.

And lastly, here is the MV spot of the single!

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