Introducing: DiCE

Left to Right: gt. Nia, vo. Rui, ba. Yuzuki, dr. Sakuya, gt. Shiki

Here's another new band to introduce: DiCE! They are fairly new, having recently started activities this September.

Here are the members and their positions:

Vo.流威 (Rui)
Ba.ゆづき (Yuzuki)

The only information they have posted on their homepage is that they will be having their debut live on October 15th at SHIBUYA-REX and will be participating with other visual kei bands as well. They also announced four more lives to take place in November and January including their first headlining live, descent to DiCE, that will take place on January 22nd at IKEBUKURO Edge. More information about all these lives can be found here.

Rui's Official Twitter
Rui's Official Blog
Shiki's Official Twitter
Shiki's Official Blog
Nia's Official Twitter
Nia's Official Blog
Yuzuki's Official Twitter
Yuzuki's Official Blog
Sakuya's Official Twitter
Sakuya's Official Blog

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