Schwarz Stein - Overseas Debut at Anime USA

ViSULOG presents Visual Kei electronic unit, Schwarz Stein, for their overseas debut performance at Anime USA, October 3rd – 5th, 2014 in Washington, DC.

For those of you that don't know, Schwarz Stein was first produced in 2002 by Mana of Moi dix Mois (ex. Malice Mizer). The group consisting of vocalist Kaya, and programmer Hora on keyboards. The duo released their debut single Perfect Garden under Mana’s label, Midi:Nette in July of the same year. A year later, in 2003, they went on to release their first full album, New Vogue Children.

Thanks to their dark, gothic aesthetics coupled with a unique sound derived from the same gothic elements, the two quickly rose to popularity in the Visual Kei and Electronica scene. Schwarz Stein performed at various events and made numerous successful solo appearances, as well as performing alongside acts such as Moi dix Mois.

Despite all of their success, in 2004, along with the release of their final album titled Artificial Hallucination, the band announced their dissolution.

During this time, both Hora and Kaya launched successful solo careers. Hora produced his own music in the underground electronic scene while Kaya’s solo project expanded overseas.

Even after their split-up, Schwarz Stein continued to be a strong influence on the Japanese Visual Kei, gothic, and electronic music scenes. Their popularity called for a series of revival gigs and collaborations between Kaya and Hora throughout the years and they even reformed once under the name another cell. In March of 2014, Schwarz Stein officially resumed their activities with a new single release titled Gebet.

Anime USA is honored to host Schwarz Stein for their first performance overseas. This will also be their first public appearance since the initial revival live in March. Schwarz Stein will participate in an autograph session, panel, and ,of course, a conert at the convention.

For more information on Schwarz Stein, visit:
Schwarz Stein OHP
Kaya's OHP
Hora's OHP

Anime USA Official Website:

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