LIVE REPORT: Alice Nine - Asia Tour 2014 [Supernova Symphonia] @ HardRock Coliseum (Singapore)

Alice Nine celebrates their 10th anniversary with a long awaited, and highly anticipated, Asian tour! So far, they have traveled through China, Taiwan and are now wrapping up their shows in Singapore and Malaysia! We are honored to be given this golden opportunity to catch them live at their show in Singapore and to give you a live report of the event.

The event started off with their latest instrumental titled "Prelude -resolution-" in which the members started appearing one by one on stage, coupled with the enthusiasm of the excited fans. All of them were dressed glamorously - especially Shou with his shiny jacket! Without further ado, Alice Nine began blasting the audience with their "SHINING", causing them to become more wild! Cameras came from all directions, clicking excitedly. As they went on to perform "+-", the initial exuberance from their entrance grew. The hext song, "SEVEN", slightly toned down the previous pace, but the crowd had yet to falter. 

Each member then proceeded to introduce themselves to the crowd before settling down with "kiss me twice, kiss me deadly," a song that definitely enticed the audience. A quick pause was taken before they stomped the stage together in sync with "RAINBOWS." Whenever the chorus came, there was a magnificent display of coordination between the members! "KID" and "Kowloon" followed up next, sending everyone in the venue into a disarray of quivering hair as they headbanged! Progressing on was "from KURAYAMI", which was the halfway mark of the concert. Then came "Daybreak," the song we had all been waiting for.

L to R: Gt. Hiroto, Ba. Saga
After that, they took a 'break' of their own as ensured that the audience was still with them by asking if everyone were ok. He then declared the next song to be "Mebius", which was a lighter sort of party song and engaged the crowd very well, setting up the mood for the next portion of the concert.

Then, one of the most enjoyable moments of the concert happened: the entire staging area dimmed and gases started rising as if everyone were within a dream. The song that fit into this scenario could only be "shooting star!" This performance touched the hearts of everyone present and was probably a fantasy none of us wished to awaken from. Coincidentally, the next song they played was in relation to our feelings, "Fantasy." Still brimming with love, the song was the perfect follow-up to the previous atmosphere.

To bring back the rock mood, Shou asked "Are you ready?" signaling that there should be high expectations coming up. "Blue Planet" was next. The presence of strong synergy was spotted when everyone was stomping and jumping, yet again. Slowly coming up was "VELVET" and "Hyakkaryouran", which led the crowd into cheering and screaming with the band as they performed. From where I sat, the view was absolutely perfect.

Vo. Shou
The concert was coming to a close with Shou excitedly declaring the last song title, "Kaisen Zenya." This song triggered some insane lighting and was coupled with constant screaming and head-banging from both sides. The members also threw bottles and drums sticks towards the audience for them to have a chance of having a keepsake - sending everyone into a scramble. Superb.

With the conclusion of the song, the members left their positions on stage and went backstage. It wasn't a moment of sadness for the audience at all, as I would have expected. The fans just started chanting "ENCORE" continuously. I believed Alice Nine would definitely entertain to the request since the fans had screamed for more than 6 minutes. No doubt, all of them came back - donned in different outfits except Saga. Hiroto quickly took a snapshot of the audience with his camera - something worth remembering! They then began taking turns to speak to the crowd; describing their feelings at this moment. 

Nao started off first, behaving seemingly agitated and said "My heart cannot take it." This particular sentence delighted the fans and massive cheers started pouring in. Then came Shou holding on to another camera, filming this entire scenario while Tora attracted the crowd by saying "I'm back" in an epic manner. Following next was Saga, describing his thoughts and stating Singapore as No.1! Finishing this up was then Hiroto who engaged the fans by exclaiming "Tadaima" which was accompanied by the fans' warm welcome to which Hiroto replied, "Daisuki!" Hiroto ended this with a call-and-response by making the crowd say "Alice Nine" whenever he said "We are...." This last engagement was really the highlight of the show! It was a moment of sharing feelings between both the fans and the members which would definitely build a stronger bond.

L to R: Gt. Tora, Ds. Nao, Ba. Saga, Vo. Shou, Gt. Hiroto
Of course, they couldn't just leave the stage without performing the encore, and thus they brought to us "Shunkashuto!" This song was performed with four of the members crowding at the center as Nao played drums in the back - a perfect moment to savor. And of course, yet another drum stick was thrown...

Earplugs started to fly down as well and the sudden change of brightness to total darkness silenced the atmosphere. Tora put on his hoodie solemnly, as if some sad song will be played.... But no way! There's no stopping the spirit of rock in them, and for those who haven't already guessed it, they were actually playing "the beautiful name!" 

After 2 hours of high, their concert concluded. Alice Nine left the stage one by one, with the exception of Hiroto, who stayed back for a minute to give his utmost thanks and appreciation to the fans who came to support them. Overall, I found this concert to be a perfect getaway if you're feeling stressed out in life. Alice Nine had done a great job in satisfying the fans and, thus, it would be a lifetime regret not to see them live!

Just as well, this live report is coming to a close and we thank Alice Nine for bringing a wonderful show to Singapore and also Red Spade Entertainment Pte Ltd for hosting and providing us this opportunity to do a live coverage of the event as well as PRess Kit for all of their help. I hope you enjoyed reading this report and feel free to leave your comments below! 

On a final note, if you are staying in Hong Kong or South Korea, they still have two more shows in those countries. It's your last chance to see them live for this tour, so don't miss out!

You can purchase your tickets below:
Hong Kong
South Korea (日本語・English, 한국어)

All photos are by Red Spade Entertainment Pte Ltd.

Set List:
SE Prelude-resolution-

2) プラマイ
4) Kiss twice,kiss me deadly


6) KID
7) 九龍
8) from KURAYAMI
9) Daybreak


10) メビウス
11) shooting star
13) ブループラネット
14) ヴェルベット
15) 百花繚乱
16) 開戦前夜

17) 春夏秋冬
18) the beautiful name
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  1. thank you for the report!
    although, the blond guitarist at on the right side of the stage is Hiroto and the brunette on the left is Tora, not the other way round :) Hiroto was the one who bowed to the audience in the end ~

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for your reply and correction! It has been updated.

  2. how about the tour incoming to Malaysia?

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