Visual Kei Themed Dating Simulator Released for iOS

Just a few days ago, Visualworks Co., Ltd. announced the release of the world's first visual kei dating simulator - or better known as an "otome love game." It's called "Boku wa Anata ni Koi Suru" (Falling in Love With You) and is available in the App Store for iPhone. You can best find it under the search tag "ViSULOG" as it is released in their department.

The characters featured in the game are each vocalists of real bands. The app also features vocal samples of the characters as well as full stories that may be purchased for $3.99. A free prologue is available as well for preview!

About the game:
In this app you can hear six different visual-kei vocalists act as their own character in the game!!
A relative wants to help you with your dream of working in music industry and invites you to a
wedding party of a record company president. There you get to meet many famous musicians and in the end you get employed! How will you act in front of the artists and how will your heart cope through the inevitable trouble...

Aoi (Aoi -168-)
Yugiri (DaizyStripper)
Mahiro (Kiryu)
Mitsu (ν[NEU])
yo-ka (DIAURA)
Subaru (Royz)


Title: Boku wa Anata ni Koi wo suru -Futari dake no Love Song-
Copyright © 2013 System Create Co.,Ltd.

Character Voices: Aoi (Aoi-168-), Yugiri (Daizystripper), Mahiro (Kiryu), Mitsu (ν[NEU]), yo-ka (DIAURA), Subaru (Royz)

Planning/Production: Visualworks Inc.
Director: Matsuda K
Scenario supervisor: MTK

Free download at AppStore (some contents require payment)
Category: Entertainment

Source: Rubab via Press Release
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