Trash Glamour column #5 - Visual Kei hair: tips, tricks and inspiration.

If you have some problems to find a good hairstyle or haircut, this article might be helpful for you:

I made up some sketches and took notes for basic Visual Kei hairstyles, at least the cut and the combinations.

You know, this style is beyond gender and beyond most rules. Creativity is the key.

But still there are some basics and standards which make everything easier for you, especially in hair and make up.

Therefore I am writing about hair this time I am hopefully able to help some of you.

1. The haircut

Length and appereance can vary a lot, but what you definitly need is a layered haircut, with at least one or two layers.
Without these its nearly impossible to play with teasing and extensions.

I hope you're able to read my terrible handwriting

You may open this picture in another tab, to see the details.

Of course the length of the third layer varies from neck short to bust long.

This is certainly one of the most famous Visual Kei hairstyles. Its worn by MiA from Mejibray, Akira from Disacode aka Akira the KERA model, Kuina from Royz, Ice from Black gene to the next scene, Ryo from Awoi, Mizuki from Sadie and many more.

It gives a lot of opportunies to create various styles: its useful for Medusa hair and/or Sujimori (host hair), you can wear it with curled or straight extensions, with or without an undercut and it leaves space for hair jewelry or headpieces.

Even if Visual kei is genderless in most parts, the style above has of course a female version too.
Its basically the same: at least two layers and it shows off your ears, but the first layer is basically longer than in the 'male' version, and the last layer is fuller.

Its worn by Hizaki (Jupiter, ex. Versailles), Kayuu (vNEU), Asuka (crimson shiva), Koto (Amber Gris), Rena (ex.Vior Gloire) Jin (ex. UnsraW) Kaya, and it was worn by Rito from Lycaon who calls himself zero now, Satsuki (ex. Rentrer en Soi, Moon Stream, his solo project) and many more.

Again, of course the length of the last layer can vary, and of course, the 'male' and the 'female' version can merge into each other.

Therefore the hair is generally longer, its heavier and throughout this harder to tease decently, or to keep the teasings. Sujimori is inferentially difficult and not recomended. 
But its useful for curls and curly variations, Medusa can be worn too.

last but not least in case of the cut: I listed some of the most popular ways to wear bangs.
Of course there are literally a million more, but I suppose, these are the most to be seen or the most famous ones.

2. The colour

If you didn't decide to have a blonde tone already or wear brown nuances, it is the easiest to bleach your hair slightly. You will be able to change your colour easily and you can try colours like purple, pink or silver.

Natural hair is seldom used in this style, but its possible. If the colour is consistently brown, black, light blonde or ginger you are blessed with healthy and easy going VK useful hair.

Note: these colours are more often used in more 'mature' VK styles - Nagoya Kei bands or aristocratic alike bands wear them.

But I can only revise: Visual Kei has almost no borders.

You can combine various colours, be crazy, be creative and try it out.

I personally think, if you combine to colours, its easier to get the very typical VK look.

Black looks good with any colour, its currently popular to combine it with red, silver, blonde, pink or purple.

But also two shrill colours are nice together, like orange and pink, purple and green, blue and white and so on.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little, and have fun while trying out!


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