FASHION: Interview with SEIKE about his brand, ROYAL★RXXKER

Visual Kei Heaven now presents you with our long-awaited interview with SEIKE! Rather than discuss music, we had him talk about his up-and-coming fashion label ROYAL★RXXKER.
For those of you that don't know SEIKE, he is the current vocalist of Kerbera! He is better known as the former vocalist of the popular Swedish band, Seremedy! Many of his fans have been excited over the news of his new brand and we at VKH are sure that those fans would love to know just what is going on behind the scenes as he works to build ROYAL★RXXKER.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Would you please introduce your fashion line to our readers?

SEIKE: My brand is named ROYAL★RXXKER. I started it for real about a year ago. I make all the designs together with my friend Veronica Isaksson. It's my ideas and she helps me to make them real.

What made you want to become a designer?

SEIKE: I love to work with looks in general, so I started to draw my own ideas.

When did you first seriously consider becoming a designer? 

SEIKE: When I understood that people like what I do and gets inspired. I got capacity to make something that matters for others. It's a huge gift.

Who encouraged you to do it?

SEIKE: My family, friends and fans.

How do you come up with the designs?

SEIKE: It's different, but I make what I would like to wear myself most of the time or what I would like to see on others.

As you may know, Mana of Moi dix Mois has his own clothing line, Moi-meme-moite, and all of the members of his band only wear his clothing and accessories for costumes. Do you think you will start incorporating your designs for the future looks of your bands?

SEIKE: Of course! We are open for other brands to work with the band and we will hopefully do some features, but also all of the members will get to design their own look through my brand.

What is the concept of this label?

SEIKE: I want it to be a better selection out of clothes with the style that I like. I can count on my fingers how many labels that  makes clothes of my taste.

Since you have such close connections with other musicians, will you ask them to help model the clothing as well? (ie. Hirooka Naoto of h.NAOTO)

SEIKE: If they are interested in wearing my clothes I am always open for collaborations!

What inspires you to design?

SEIKE: Humans, and their different shapes and forms. I see things I like and work with it!

Will you aim for other niches of people outside of the visual kei scene?

SEIKE: I don't really aim for any particular style really. It's a mix of everything I like. No limits.

How long have you been planning to release your own clothing line?

SEIKE: The thought started already before Seremedy. It's a little dream I always had - to make clothes and have a store where I work and sell them.

Will the clothes only be sold online or will they only be available in your country?

SEIKE: The online store will open around next month. We will ship internationally.

Is the clothing line of a general theme or an inspired look?

SEIKE: Not really, but I guess people will find similarities with other alternative styles. I do not strive to be original. I strive to make the clothes that I like, wants to wear or see on others.

When is the line/label expected to be released?

SEIKE: We already "pre-opened" by selling some of our shirts and mobile cases on an event, but officially it's opening before the end of this summer.

What general style would you say your clothing line leans more toward, Gothic, Punk, Industrial, etc...?

SEIKE: All of it! Mostly alternative styles in general, but also "normal clothes" with a touch of me, haha.

What is the first goal that you wish to achieve as a designer?

SEIKE: I hope that people like to wear my clothes and find them good looking and comfortable. That's enough for me.

Being a new designer, you must be very excited to sell your clothing. What challenges have you met so far?

SEIKE: I'm drowning in work, but it was expected.

What do you enjoy most about it?

SEIKE: To see the result and how people appreciate it!

Should your line have a fashion show, where would you like to hold it and who would you collaborate with?

SEIKE: In the future I would love to attend shows, but right now I don't have any in mind. I don't really want to be in the fashion industry like that. I'm in the alternative business. It doesn't equal as much money and fame, but it's genuine and makes me happy. I get to do what I love and be around people who likes the same stuff! What more is there to wish for?

Many designers have different ways of starting a new idea for a piece or line, ie. sketching, computer graphics, or just sewing on the spot. What do you do when you have a sudden sense of inspiration?

SEIKE: I draw!

Why did you name the line ROYAL★RXXKER -- what meaning does this have to you?

SEIKE: It's easy and describes my style pretty well. I'm a royal rocker.. or something.

Do you know any designers? If so, what did they tell you when you announced ROYAL★RXXKER?

SEIKE: I know some designers and I got over all good response!

Will the label only be you, or will you recruit others on this project?

SEIKE: I work with my crew that I gathered! Hopefully our little family will grow in time.

Do you oversee all steps in the design process or do you have a team that helps with the other aspects of the collection?

SEIKE: I oversee most of it, but give my crew free hands where I trust them.

What fabrics and prints (if any) will you be using and why?

SEIKE: Right now I'm working with my friend Julia Warg (aka BUBBLiPOP) regarding the prints. I give her an idea of what I want, maybe a little sketch and she creates the final drawing. It's amazing how she really put my ideas on paper without too much guidelines!
It's impossible to reply about all different fabrics we work with.
I won't ever use real fur.

Other than clothing, what will you be designing?

SEIKE: Right now I make mobile cases and we got some contacts on other fun products that I can't reveal just yet. Stay updated!

Many designers tend to collaborate with each other to produce new products and merchandise with mixed concepts. Do you see yourself doing this in the near future at all?

SEIKE: Some friends of mine in the business have shown interest in collaborations. We will see what the future has in store!

Will you have gender specific clothing or is it more unisex?

SEIKE: Right now it's very unisex, but I'll make more "girly" and "manly" designs - even if I think both genders could use any of my clothes. It's more a matter of taste. If I decide to make a dress for example and a guy would like to buy and wear it it's entirely up to him.

What kind of accessories will you have? Anything for body modifications?

SEIKE: I've been thinking of piercings of course, but it's not really my call. I will probably sell jewelry of some kind, but that's not a priority now.

What is something you hope to gain from this experience?

SEIKE: I hope to come as far as possible and inspire people along the way.

Do you see yourself continuing to design clothing in the long run or is this a side-project for a short time?

SEIKE: My dream is to work full time with my brand in the future alongside with music.

What are your future plans as a designer?

SEIKE: Always evolving! I have much ideas but it will take time.

Thank you very much, once again, for answering our questions! Would you please send a message to VKH readers and your fans...

SEIKE: I want to thank all of you. What I do is a product of your eternal support and belief in me. You're my greatest inspiration!

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Special thanks to SEIKE for taking the time to answer our questions!
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