DIR EN GREY's Kyo opens OHP and other Social Networking Accounts

It seems that the hype about Dir en Grey vocalist Kyo has calmed down quite a bit sense he opened his very own OHP and social networking account on twitter just this past week. Kyo, himself, has never been one for very much socalizing with his fans so to see him open a twitter account for just himself is a very large step indeed.  The talented vocalist has also opened a personal youtube account and has already uploaded a video that is featured in the background of his website. It seems that a facebook account or page could also be in the future for fans to interact with him. Below is a screen shot of the website and I will provide links to his twitter as well as his youtube.

Here is a preview of the video from Kyo's personal youtube as well. The video is titled 独葬 (DOKUSOU)  and features some interesting words that follow the video.

I also want to thank 「a knot」 army for getting the word out about Kyo's recent interest in the social media! They provide excellent news about anything Dir en Grey related so you all should definately check them out.

Here are the links to Kyo's social media outlets.


Kyo Official Channel - Youtube

Kyo Official

Source: OHP, 「a knot」 army

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  1. thinking about: maybe that's the first step for Kyo going solo O_O

  2. No. Kyo isn't much of a soloist..he's never been interested in any type of real solo act except to release maybe a poem book or video thing every now and then. He just puts out some of his own stuff out of random alot of times. He's just that kind of person..alot of his loyalty falls on Dir en Grey but this is probably just a small side thing that he's doing. But getting out into the world of social media is a big step for him!

  3. Hmm is still question the Media about direngrey and military. I wanted to ask but u couldn't ever get to seeing the annoying direngrey fans in direngrey and military fans in royal roses page. I like direngrey and I like roses, but I font know about the whole making a personal page if their isn't going to be answers from kyo himself.

  4. Would be nice to know too... but starting to get annoyed with all these fans saying he said no he hadn't announced but all the one's who said he did paid to go to his concerts and those that didn't said no. So likely going with yes he does love military. But could be wrong.. from Rena

  5. So kyo is married to royal Roses?,I saw that on knots official Web page

    1. No. He isn't. Roses himself said he is not affiliated with Kyo or anything that has to do with Dir en grey.

  6. No but i found out Dir En grey just said he loves royal roses he announced it. Als to answer yes dir en grey loves royal roses. I saw this on the official youtube and in japan concert.

  7. So why doesn't kyo just tell Roses he's inlove? Roses is nice to kyo and kyo is nice to Roses. So why don't they just date?

  8. Is kyo and roses dating! omg cute! They are cute couple I went to direngrey concert loved it and saw roses and Beautiful person. So nice but avoids press. I guess that's how military are busy a lot same goes with kyo. OMG kyo is dating roses right!? OMG CUTE! I want to see pictures of them both together orv something! Cute! !!

  9. Are they dating?????

  10. Replies
    1. Most likely the Anonymous person commenting about it
      All Roses does is tell Dir en Grey fans that Kyo is obsessed with him and wont stop harassing him

  11. Actually direngrey fans found out that Swedish bands started tge rumous. Royal Roses doesn't like Direngrey has never mentioned his name. When I went to japan to visit my family I saw the prime minster asking royal roses about direngrey and jp military were like direngrey weird. But it was those swedish bands wanting to get direngrey name trashed to get yohio ir Patrick reps up. So no royal roses didn't do a thing and has stated that. I think yohio needs to stop getting direngrey in trouble because I love direngrey. (Taei)
    I'll just post this on anything I from yaohio fans starting drama, it's just weird they would cause drama and get direngrey in trouble...

  12. I know Dir en Grey is famous but seriously the prime minister... -_-
    And im not into Yohio and idk who patrick is but I seriously doubt they're doing anything like that it's likely a crazed fan pretending to be them that want to troll people
    Also I'm pretty sure their official accounts would have said something to try and address this since it seems so serious but they haven't so it must just be stupid rumors started by some deranged anti-fan netizens

  13. First off royal roses is real, second, royal roses never said anything about direngrey, never once said a thing about prime minister. Royal Roses does help out with military actually freely to help but many people been hacking accounts been blaming another.. Royal Roses is well known too but seriously stop saying royal roses likes direngrey bc royal roses doesn't at all. Royal Roses said that over and over again. Direngrey fans are fricking psycho. Royal roses DOESN'T LIKE DIRENGREY. God I hate direngrey fans they are weird. P.s royal roses, is a good person just is silent. Like cool swag shit going on but I think its people jealous. Royal Roses they are jelly of your suit. XD. Just leave royal roses, military any other celebrities alone. Because they have said stop it.

  14. This is an article for Direngrey which means that u like them if ur reading it which makes u a psycho fan too
    I never said anything of roses liking direngrey but he or she has a thing for kyo from what I've heard
    Not all direngrey fans are weird they're just tired of hearings the band they like being slandered by an anonymous person that is confusing up and coming new fans

  15. Jrock freak shut the hell up. Royal Roses isn't a fan of direngrey you know thing. Dude please grow the fuck up. Royal Roses is a guy not a girl. P.s jrockfreak your psychotic freak who is from some fucking jealous hate land and needs to be deported to the real world. Royal Roses is real and never said anything about direngrey and I ever asked. Royal Roses said "I never said a thing about direngrey and I even wrote that on my Twitter for him to be aware and his crazy fans to stop obsession with misleading drama. Then my band and other bands told Royal Roses about how we know who is spreading the bull shit and it is Yohio, Patrick, all ya sweedish bands. Royal Roses is cool and is way to busy to be liking some band. Get the hint man, nobody likes direngrey bull crap nor his fans nor yohio or Patrick advisor lying excuse. Royal Roses is real my band and other bands met. Royal Roses doesn't like direngrey doesn't talk about him and is way more professional than all ya drama hating spreading lying bands. Royal Roses has done a lot for others. So Swedish bands need to get over their jealousy and go play off someone's dick. Professional people don't have time for crazy bands. Yohio and Patrick get over it. You can stop lying. (Some anonymous Band that is Verified and Real That thinks Royal Roses is Real Cus We saw and Think Yohio and Patrick are psycho fucked up bands who jack drama shit. Go play with your cheap band instruments and lay off Royal Roses or anyone else. P.s Jrockfreak your weirdo)

  16. I'm talking about one thing and u bring up a whole bunch of unrelated stuff
    I'm so done with this
    Have fun slandering

  17. Dear (jrockfreak we know your yohio or Patrick or seiko white emo dude. Shut the hell up. Go play with your cheap crap and stop hanging aroung gackt he actually doesn't like you. He said he rather chill with the flower gardens than hang with you yohio patrick seiko emo guy that pretends to be something they are not. You bands are hanging to get fame. The flower gardens are just chilling professionals.)
    Dear (some anonymous band that is Verified and Real) , I agree with you and not sure which band you're from but know which group because we all got emails about (Yohio, Patrick and his jealous Swedish bands) Who are ((Lying Bands Trying to start dramaL)) well yea it was obviously clearly blanked out when (Yohio , patrick Seika emo dude) who even went to try to talk to kpop bands like psy and say shit about
    Direngrey and direngrey told psy that no Japanese bands dodon't do that to heros and psy even said yohio and all his weird crazy bands are spreading lies to break people apart and its like what assad and putin was doing to korea and china. But yea yohio Patrick seiko emo wannabe don't lie to professionals and don't talk crap about (The Whole Europe Asia or anyone) those are heros.

    From (some cool Real Verified Band that is from America and knows 1D and any other bands who can't follow any one in Europe because celebrity are bring blocked by republicans bs which p.s ted none celebs like you. Uk is way smarter and china korea japan only want to work with uk bc uk has swag but Obama trusts uk. )
    P.s Fyi shut the hell up yohio Patrick seiko emo dude ur not japanese or Asian but should be in a mental hospital)

  18. No clue who this roses person/thing is, but all the childish comments/ rumors/bashing
    are sad, i'm just happy Kyo decided to get into social networking even if a little. Hope diru keeps up the good work and dont overwork themselves and look after their health.

  19. yohio everyone knows roses, and u need to stop saying people like kyo when they don't. you basicly need yo stop spreading rumors. Roses doesn't like kyo in that way and doesn't know yohio or why he is saying false information. but just bands need to stop harrassing dieengrey and stop harrassing roses. it would be awesome if people just stop talking about people who they don't know. because in the end it will lead to only hurt feelings for anyone. no one is dating anyone. maybe yohio wants to date kyo? its jusr not cool to spread rumors

  20. That escalated quickly.
    I suggest you bite your tongues.
    Such foul and aggressive language. Tch.

    Such a pity.
    What is this? Children.

    Leave Kyo to his relationships.
    Obsessing over him. That is not healthy.

    I suggest taking a walk.
    Try to gain back those brain cells you busted over.

    A musicians life is only as public as he or she means to.
    Do not pry.
    That is awkward.
    And makes even me uncomfortable.

  21. Yohio stop harrssing people u know nothing about royal roses. Syfu

  22. Love kyo and royal roses, they're not dating its yohio who spreads rumors about it. Now lets be happy

  23. Where do you kids get your sources from..
    Cease this nonsense. Pfft.

  24. Y ohio spread rumours Kyo say Russia and Roses were dating.

  25. Oh? And where exactly did Yohio make that statement public?
    You must know him personally. Or perhaps, you follow his social networks, and hang on every word by him?
    Plus. Why would Yohio start rumors about Kyo?
    Kyo is way out of his league to start inconsistent drama. Not to mention completely and utterly unnecessary.
    Yohio is what? 17 years old? 18? Highly doubt he would want to stir up drama with Kyo from the most influential band of this decade+ and counting.

  26. I know this is is all from a year ago, but I am curious. Who/what is Royal Roses? A band? A famous person? I cannot find any information on them. I'm not a crazy fan, just a really curious fan. :o

    Is there a link to what this Royal Roses person looks like or if they submitted anything?

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