OFF-TOPIC: What is furitsuke?

Furitsuke? Don't be ashamed, many Visual Kei fans don't know what furitsuke is.

Furitsuke (pronounced FU-RI-TSU-KAY) are hand movements choreography done during Visual Kei lives. It is specific to Visual Kei and doesn't include feet movements like para para. Furitsuke, also simply called furi, includes hands and arms movements, fist rising and headbanging done in sync with the music. Have you ever noticed how Japanese fans move their hands all together during a concert? The crowd sometimes moves in sync and become one. This is furitsuke! The purpose is to enjoy yourself while trying to become one with the music. And it's fun!

Please know that furitsuke is optional. How you move and how you enjoy yourself during a live is personal to you. Furi is usually created by the fans themselves and then repeated by others, sometimes it comes from the band. Some bands have furitsuke moves in their PV or ask their fans to follow along during a live. You have probably noticed vocalists requesting for "Atama!" which means literally "head", meaning they want you to headbang and rock with them!

Furitsuke is done best during fast paced songs, usually ballads have no furitsuke. It is considered respectful to listen to a ballad in silence, focusing only on the feelings and on the music. That is why you will often see Japanese fans standing still during a ballad.

Not all songs have furitsuke, it remains a matter of feeling. Some songs have specific furi, some are easy to follow (it's almost natural) and some others are complex and need some practice to learn. Perfection isn't required, but like Japanese fans, if you do furitsuke, do your best.

You can learn furitsuke by watching live performances or PVs, you can also create your own. However, be careful with choreography you learn from videos, make sure you watch recent performances, some furi change over time. If you attend a live and are in doubt, follow the lead of the vocalist; you can also observe the people in front of you. And remember, it's all for fun, no one will scold you if you do mistakes. If you enjoy the music, your body will rock along.

Here some exemples of furitsuke:

 The GazettE - Akai One Piece

One of the most well known furi. At the end of the video, you can see RUKI, vocalist, doing the furitsuke with the little closure.

 Guild - Party
In this video, Kihochi explains the movements and encourages the crowd to participate.

Do you like furitsuke? Do you do furi at home while listening to your favourite songs? Do you know any particular movements? Please share with us.
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  1. Just in case you still want to add videos, there are some bands even uploading special videos on their channels with movements for their songs ^^

    For example:


    Called Plan:


  2. Didn't MALICE MIZER use it during their live for Shiroi hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo?
    Or was that in Chinurareta Kajitsu? (sorry, live videos are slurred in my head.) ><

  3. I always love doing furis :D my favorite furi might be UNiTE's BadRequest, it's complex but fun when you learn it ^^ in clubZy's website there's video of Yui teaching it. Called Plan's always fun too