OFF TOPIC: Quiztime! Part 2

Yes, I've been bored somehow...
Do you still rememeber the quiz we posted some months ago? Well, it's the same this time, search the only girl in each picture.
I hopefully haven't accidentally put two girls in one picture, as it's not rare that there's one girl in a band with mostly men. But I made a lot of researches, and it actually should all be right.

So, have fun everyone! I hope it's not as easy as last time! ;)

[Click on the pictures for a bigger size.]

Quiz A

Quiz B

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  1. I'm gonna guess 17 in the first one and....6 in the second one?

  2. wow, first one is right :O
    second one is wrong ^^

  3. Yeah I was pretty sure on the first one. She looks familiar, who is it?

    And the second one was a guess. They all look like guys to me. xD

  4. The girl in the first picture is Vocalist K from Zig+Zag ;)

    and no Lacika, the second one is wrong, too ^^
    the first one is 17, yes ^^

  5. Yayy~ I got quiz A too <3 But quiz B... hmm.. is it #17? ^^;;

  6. congrats ;)
    no, not 17 either ^^

  7. the first is 17. is it 14 for quiz b?

  8. the first one is 17. So is the second one 11?

  9. yay got 1st one right :D is the 2nd number 1..? this is hard

  10. first is 17, obviously
    but for the second i do want to say 3 as well but i also want to go with 8 only because of the face shape

  11. I'm afraid you are all wrong ^^;

  12. Here's who is who in Quiz 1:

    01. Tetsu (Bassist of Vent Croix)
    02. Kayuki (Guitarist of 2nd Dyz)
    03. Kiyo (Drummer of Dear L'Novel)
    04. Otoha (Guitarist of Called≠Plan)
    05. Hikaru (Guitarist of LUCHe.)
    06. Shindy (Vocalist of Anli Pollicino)
    07. Shunto (Drummer of WilL)
    08. YUKI-MURA (Guitarist of OROCHI)
    09. Jun (Guitarist of Scarlet Valse)
    10. Umi (Bassist of DearVicious)
    11. Natsuki (Guitarist of Vlossom)
    12. Rua (Guitarist of Elm)
    13. Nono (Guitarist of Souiumono)
    14. Hie (Guitarist of One★Star)
    15. Miyu (Guitarist of Pastel Holic)
    16. Sou (Guitarist of Polter Geist)
    17. K (Vocalist of Zig+Zag)
    18. Yuui (Vocalist of CindyKate)
    19. Takebo (Guitarist of Rubik)
    20. Chobi (Guitarist of RUDIE CORE STEIN)
    21. MASAMI (Guitarist of Scar.)

  13. i would have to say in quiz B the girl is number 1

  14. no, it's not number 1 ^^

    to sum it up, those are all your suggestions which were wrong for Quiz B:
    1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20

  15. euhmm,, for quiz B,, is it pic 12 ?
    ohh myy idk hahax ;DDD =.=''
    lovin diz game tho

  16. no, not 12 either xD

    Well, I guess it's a bit unfair, since I took some really unknown musicians xD but that makes it more interesting ^~^
    I'm glad you like it ;)

  17. is it number 9 in quiz b? :D

  18. it is interesting! since sme of thm idk,
    same level of hardnest as math ex im doin rite now as im guessin diz bahahaha kiddin;DDD
    shud do diz more often teheeee
    if not 12 then.... 5 ??? i can't tell sighh~~
    thy ar all cute

  19. lol luckily I haven't made it too easy for you ;D

    unfortunately, it isn't number 5 ^^

  20. second try lol
    Quiz B would be 21

  21. no, wrong again ^^

    Numbers no one suggested yet: 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19

  22. Anon, you solved it! :D
    Yes, 13 is the right solution ;)

  23. yeah!
    who is it on 3 and 11?

  24. 3 is Guitarist You of Ziggrat and 11 is Vocalist Syu of Cadenas ^^

    full solution:

    01. MIHIRO (Guitarist of Serial⇔NUMBER)
    02. Shin (Guitarist of seVIIens)
    03. You (Guitarist of Ziggrat)
    04. Youri (Bassist of ASTRAY)
    05. Kayuu (Guitarist of v[NEU])
    06. ShinyA (Guitarist of Signal)
    07. Eva (Vocalist of STELLA...)
    08. Riki (Bassist of Veled)
    09. N (Bassist of Art Cube)
    10. Kanna (Drummer of DOGinThePWO)
    11. Syu (Vocalist of Cadenas)
    12. Aki (Drummer of Crimson Shiva)
    13. Haruhi (Vocalist of Croix)
    14. Karin (Bassist of NoGoD)
    15. Kira (Guitarist of DEZERT)
    16. Nano (Drummer of DIDEAR)
    17. Yuuki (Guitarist of Dablis)
    18. Tatsuhi (Bassist of ZORO)
    19. Yoshi (Drummer of EVE)
    20. MIKURU (Guitarist Kro:nos)
    21. Nao (Guitarist of LabbitXLoud)