OFF-TOPIC: ex.Irokui Vocalist Yuuri changed his gender?

This one seems to be a hot topic on the net at the moment.
And before starting, I want everyone to please keep in mind that there doesn't seem to be an official source that confirms that!!
According to what people say on websites like tumblr and livejournal, ex.Irokui Vocalist Yuuri changed his gender. (Visit her/his blog here)
Furthermore it is said that he/she is now offering sexual service under the name "Yuu Takizawa" via a prostitution website.

If this sounds unbelievable to you, then I can tell you that you're not the only one.
I made some researches myself on Yuuri's new blog and Twitter, and actually I couldn't find anything that confirms whether the gender change nor the sexual service offer (his pictures indeed look pretty female, but I wouldn't take this as a proof...) . On his Twitter it sais "Gender and Occupation unknown".
But in all honesty, my researches weren't that good and exact. So maybe there is an official statement by Yuuri that confirms it. If there is one, be open to comment on this post! Irokui fans surely know better than I do.

As long as there isn't one, it's may better to not believe everything on the net.
Let's leave Yuuri some space for his private life.

By the way, on March 12th he's playing a live at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU with session band "ゆーり&はづきセッション" (Yuuri & Hazuki Session). Other members are ex.Irokui member Hazuki, yu-ta (BLACK RUN) and Kai (ex.Serial NUMBER).

Source: manaownsme.livejournal, fuckyeahkei tumblr, Yuuri's Blog and Twitter
Thank you xSMILESx for the links via chat box!
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  1. I seriously wasn't sure whether to post this or not... I'm not wanting to help spreading rumors... that's why I put a "?" in the headline, and I hope everyone reading this sees that I don't claim it to be the truth, and nothing but the truth... that's not the case at all.

    I'm so sorry if I made some of you angry or worried...

  2. it was actually shocking to have found about this so i had to share it in case people were wondering what he was doing. i think he said something on his old blog about it but i can't remember.
    However, it's nice that SHE is doing a session so hopefully she'll be back in the music scene

  3. I herd this a long time ago. I figured it was just a rumor. It would be nice to find some solid proof that proves or disproves this.

  4. If someone finds Yuuri's post about the gender change, please share the link! =)
    Then we can at least clear one thing up ^^;

  5. I don't think it matters if Yuuri is a boy or a girl now.
    It's HIS/HER life and just because this person is a star or famous or whatever I guess he's still allowed to make own decisions.
    I know about these rumors since a while and for sure I read some blogs and so on about it at the beginning, since I'm a fan of Iroukui.
    I don't blame him... not in any way. I'll still support this person.
    And for the sexual offers... lol... japanese girls gonna have sex with old rich men for louis vuitton purses... I guess that's something normal for japan.
    Honestly, if Yuuri wouldn't be well known, nobody would ever care about his fate or future... so leave him be, respect him as the musician he surely is at all :D

    Sadly the Session live is 6 days too late D: I really would've loved to see them live :D

    (I wasn't planning on offending anyone, but these rumors were so troublesome already and I've been happy that the scene became quite happy about Yuuri since a while!)

  6. Even if he did get a sex change it's not a bad thing. The thing is we don't know for sure. just want a little rumor control.

  7. That's what I think!
    I believe Yuuri is a really lovely and nice person... and I also think he had some reasons for a gender change, if he did.
    Maybe he just felt unwell with what he was... I believe that's a real bad feeling D:
    As long Yuuri is happy, I'm happy too :D

  8. honestly looking through his new blog, the pics do look a lot like him..but i have to keep looking just in case

  9. Yeah I don't deny that he's looking very female
    Sadly they don't hold any concerts while I am there for 3 weeks, or I'd try to figure out how he's looking now >.<
    Indeed he became quite female at the last period of Irokui ... but it somehow suit him!

  10. well he mentioned cosmetic surgery on his old blog (pg 21 i believe) and even posted an old pic of himself in his new blog

    and i found this
    explains the scars that he would have from his piercings and a lot of his looks compared to his new look.

    (does this sorta help or should more info be looked for?)

  11. Yeah I saw these pages too, when I tried to research... and his new blog, I saw for sure.
    But... well I never said "he didn't do the gender change" but... still... you know I still like Yuuri alot.
    I know MANY fans turned their back at him and I think it's sad.. and frustrating, because they never liked him because he was himself.
    I wish we could hear his/her voice once, since I guess it's one of the first things a person changes or?
    You can use push up bra's and so on but your voice will always tell the truth.

  12. If man or woman, it doesn't matter (as Miki said).
    He's a good Vocalist, he made people happy and smile with his songs. He hasn't killed someone. Gender change is no reason to hate him.
    People should actually learn a lesson from him: he's himself and shows it.

    And thank you xSMILESx! I think it's alright ;) maybe we will find out in the future when Yuuri is telling everyone ^^

  13. I like your statement <33
    Let's support him further :DDD

  14. wow look like women i no have word my mouse O.O

  15. Good for her! I'm sure she'll be more happy throughout daily life, and be able to express herself rather than just on stage. I know Japan is very discriminating towards gay men (though not gay women). I hope she can live a happy an honest life this way :)

  16. my favoirte is irokui, i like Yuuri voice
    this really he and really prostitute
    official video:
    and (s)he official site :

  17. @Miki it is sad that many turned their backs but they shouldnt since they have supported him since the beginning. She's got full support from many and hopefully we hear something from her =]

    @Sonii Ur welcome=] i tired to find what i could. And i am really hoping Yuuri says something to help clear things up. She's probably waiting for the right time and that would be really understandable.


  18. @Lacika You seem to have found evidence 0.0 and it really looks like her!

  19. found her actual blog
    Says her name on the banner and there was a mention in one of her post about a trans

  20. I don't think there is anything wrong about him change sex. I just wished he chose a different career other than prostitution. (i think that what its called...?

    I do notice some change in his looks other than dress more girly. I've noticed his face look swolen or more round. So i;m thinking he may or may not had some work done on hid face and he now has boobs.

    But either way boy or girl i will always support Yurri/Yuu! :)

  21. Another Link:

  22. I hope that you've gotten your answer by now. It has been a long time since I've checked their blog. But yes, it was true. He did get a sex change and he was prostituting. Funny though, at the time that I had checked, he still had his penis and he was offering quite a few favors dealing with it. So now I'm wondering if he is still in the business. I'm sure that he is though because his music career is no where right now and he'll need the money to fund it. But without the peen, he'll miss out on a lot of customers. ... eh... "she'll" whatever.

  23. Well, she's in a new band with another ex.Irokui member now. Not sure if she's still doing it, but it's possible, indeed...
    Though, I think in Japan, prostitution is a rather normal thing, at least more common than in Europe or America I guess... (not sure about that, but it seems so).
    If it's true what I once read in an interview with an ex. label owner, many vk artists are prostituting themselves to get money... guess that's also a reason why so many bands are disbanding... they don't have the money to go on...

  24. Aw, that sucks. @Sonii
    I despise that.