Interview with Finnish Band KARMIA

They are always getting more popular.
Bands from outside of Japan getting inspired by japanese visual bands and their looks. Thanks to bands like Seremedy and others they are gaining more attention of fans from the scene, while reactions to it are often mixed, postive as well as negative.
A while ago we asked our readers and followers via Twitter and Facebook what everyone thinks about those bands. And reactions actually have been more positive (luckily)!
We also learned that many even thought bands with visual looks only exist in Japan. We promise you, they don't! For example, KARMIA! A band from Finland in Europe.

They formed back in 2010 in Finland's capital city Helsinki and held their first live on November 11th 2011. Also in 2011, their first album "Origin", including 10 tracks, was released. You can download the album's songs from their HP.
"Origin" will be followed by an EP entitled "Enigma" in March 2012.
Next two performances are already planned, one will be held on February 8th at Arabia Rock House and their third one, they gonna be opening act for japanese band PLUNKLOCK this day, will be held on March 7th at Kulttuuriareena Gloria in Helsinki.

Please check out their HP, as well as their Facebook, Myspace anhd Youtube for song samples and more!
You can follow them on Twitter as well!

Now to our interview!

VKH: First of all, please introduce yourself to everyone and tell us a bit about KARMIA!
Sharan: Hello I'm the vocalist Sharan.
Ana: Hello, I am Ana and I play lead guitar.
Hypo: Hey, I am Hypo, the drummer of this band
KiBa: Hi, I'm KiBa the newest recruit and I play rhythm guitar
Doku: Hi there I'm Doku and my instrument is bass and I'm the youngest member of Karmia

VKH: What is your band concept?
Sharan: Great music in a good looking package. (Laughs)
Ana: To make diverse music. That's why I love Visual Kei, it doesn't restrict your musical style. And of course visuals are a huge part of everything.

VKH: How did everyone of you get into Japanese music?
Sharan: I used to listen to many songs from different anime-series but it was when I heard the song "Filth in a Beauty" from the GazettE that I really began to listen these Visual Kei bands. It was 2007 I think.
Ana: The first VK band I ever heard was X Japan and the song was Rose of Pain, I think it was around 2002-2003. They are still my favorite band of all time. All thanks to internet!
Hypo: When I was at junior high my twin brother discovered Japanese animation series and obviously the opening and ending themes included Japanese music. Maybe one year after that I listened to some Internet radio that played Japanese music and then I heard a song called Silent Jealousy from X Japan. I could say that was the moment that changed my life for good.
KiBa: I think the first Japanese band I ever heard was Sex Machineguns but for me it wasn't so mind blowing.. Dir en grey's Yokan was the song that got me into Japanese music. I heard it kinda accidentally but I'm glad I did.
Doku: I started to listen to Japanese music maybe 2 years ago. A friend of mine told me about Japanese bands like the GazettE and LM.C. Since then I've been listening Japanese music.

VKH: “Visual” bands from outside of Japan are currently getting more and more popular. But still, there are people who can’t accept that and some even develop hatred for those bands.
What kind of reactions have you already received for being a "visual" band from Europe?
Ana: So far it has mainly been good. At least for me personally. Actually I'm surprised there hasn't been much of negative reactions. Though I'm quite sure there will be, we aren't just very well known yet. Anyways Japanese VK bands don't have any problem with western visual bands, quite the opposite actually. So why would the fans have? Nobody's hating Mexicans playing punk etc., right? So why should Visual Kei be restricted only for Japanese? Even though VK is not a musical genre but more like a life style. Hasn't stopped any cosplayers.

VKH: How do you deal with negative criticism?
Ana: I just pretty much try to ignore it if I know it's coming from some close-minded individual and is mainly about our looks. Musically I'm thankful for constructive criticism. But you just can't please everyone.
Sharan: Pretty much the same for me.

VKH: Do you make up your own visual look or does some one outside the band determines it?
Ana: We would never let somebody outside the band to decide our look. Actually we don't have anyone outside the band working on anything. No management or anything. So far we have done everything by ourselves. Though I wouldn't mind having some sort of staff and a recording deal!

VKH: What is your visual kei inspiration as for your look?
Sharan: I'd have to say that I always get inspired when I see Ruki's new clothes or so. But the ideas for my look of a day just comes to my mind out of nowhere.
Ana: I suppose my look is kinda discreet and it just resembles my everyday look and sense of aesthetics, with some kick. I do graphic design for living so all sorts of visuals are a big part of my life anyways, even to a point of obsession.

VKH: In March 2012 you are going to release a new EP entitled “Enigma”. Can you tell us what you want to express with it and what the lyrics will be about?
Sharan: The lyrics will be about bad things: Insanity, drugs, lying to your loved one and goodbyes. Sadness is kinda the main theme of the EP. I really want people to "see" that these things are something that exist in this world. Sadness is always there. There is always someone feeling uneasy. It's the truth that we're living in a world like this. We should always try to help others when they feel sad or depressed.

VKH: If you had to recommend one song by KARMIA, which one would each member of you choose?
Sharan: If it's from Origin album then it would be "Origin". If from our new EP then it would be "Enigma" (Listen it when we release it!).
Doku: I think it would be Decade or Origin.
Hypo: I would also recommend “Origin”.
Ana: I'll recommend Enigma so you'll have something to look forward to.

VKH: What are your favorite songs of rock bands from Japan?
Sharan: I really love the song called "The Suicide Circus" from the GazettE. And "Filth in the Beauty" from the same band. They are my all time favorites.
Doku: Gazette - The Suicide Circus and 69 - II from ViViD.
Hypo: At the moment pretty much any song by ONE OK ROCK or Abingdon Boy School.
Ana: There are so many but I'll say Art of Life by X Japan.

VKH: Japanese band PLUNKLOCK will be touring in Europe in February/March 2012. For their show in Helsinki, Finland you will be their opening act. Are you already excited, and what do you expect from this show which is, by the way, your third live show?
Sharan: Yeah. I'm so excited that it's more like I'm nervous. But I expect a good show and hope that all the people there will like our music and start to listen us.
Ana: I'm really looking forward to this, very excited!

VKH: Have you already had a chance to talk to PLUNKLOCK?
Sharan: Not really but I have the singer as a Facebook friend so I think I should talk with him a little bit.

VKH: Could you imagine to go to Japan for concerts someday?
Sharan: I would love it. It's been my dream for so long now.
Doku: Absolutely. If I someday will play a concert in Japan then my biggest dream would come true.
Ana: That would be awesome!

VKH: What are KARMIA’s future plans?
Sharan: Music videos, more lives and hopefully lives abroad.
Hypo: To learn and live as a band.
Ana: Still wouldn't mind getting a recording deal!

VKH: And finally, do you have a message for your fans?
Sharan: Thank you all for listening to our music! We'll do our best to make even better music for you to listen!
Doku: Thank you all your support and I hope that now more and more people are gonna listen to our music. And if someone starts then I want to say to them that they are welcome to our monstrous wonderland.

We wanna thank KARMIA for taking their time for answer our questions! VKH team wishes them all the best for their future!

Source: OHP, Guitarist Ana via mail
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  1. lol what a cheap copy of seremedy

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  2. I think you are cheap copy. Don't say so of a good band. And at least you should say it with your name not anonymous.


  3. I don't think they are copying at all. That is a very close minded immature irrational thing to say when you have nothing to back up your statement Anon.

  4. This is some really good shit, and these guys really knows what they are doin'! Tehy'll have my endless support! :D -nuudelikuppiviivakooditatska-

  5. As a former, and the first, bassist of this band I'm dlightly offended by comparisons to seremedy, because I have no idea what it is. :D

  6. Well it is his/her opinion but I have to say that we've never copied anyone. We have our influences but we've never copied anyone and never will. We have our own style to do music and we have our own style for what's coming to our looks. this comment is just to clear things out :) and thank you others for supporting comments~

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  7. Bad music with lousy copycat act...this is heard before and many times, only orginal thing is that this is finnish band not japanese...

    1. Fuck. And you. :) I'm not a butthurt. I'm just having respect and not crushing people's dreams :) so fuck you

  8. Well first of all as a person who lives so faraway from Finland like USA. I do like their music. They are unique and original so is their PV of enigma yes I have been listening to that for quite a while. Like all day. I would support Karmia I like their style.

  9. God,y'all MothaFuckas need Jesus,I mean like if they're starting a new band,they're going to look up to their favorite bands,because those are their dreams. I'm saying this,because I'm a Metalhead with respect and I don't Fuckin care whether some butthurts come commenting bad shit. I'm not a scene kid. I'm not a hater. Just saying what's on ma mind. Anyways,cool band hope they get even more popular. Reply to my comment :) any bad thing,I'll try to fuck you up

  10. Under this class there are 3 separate degrees of bar bands that you will go twitch followers