REVIEW: Deluhi – Vandalism


One of the most successful and well-known Visual Kei artists to emerge from the scene in the past few years announced their disbandment not too long ago which definitely left a void in the heart’s of fans as well as the VKei scene as a whole. They have, however, gone out with a bang and left us this final album titled “Vandalism”.
Track list
1. Hybrid Truth
2. Two Hurt
3. G.A.L.D
4. Revolver Blast
5. Shade
6. Lorelei
7. Yomi no yuzuriha
8. Vivid Place
9. Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six
10. Baby Play
11. s[K]ape:goat
12. Orion Once Again
13. Suna no izumi
Juri(vo.), Leda(gu.), Aggy(ba.) and Sujk(dr.) were once the hot topic of the visual kei world as Deluhi stormed their way to the top spot with a very consistently high quality of music. Their sound was not always the same, they experimented and struggled to find the music they wanted to play but, it always had that fast, metal feeling to it.
The first thing you may notice about this album is that the track list is filled with previously-released songs, apart from track 13. You may be led to believe on first-glance that this is just a greatest hits album with an extra song thrown in as a goodbye present. However, every song is completely re-mastered and noticeably new when listening.
The new track, Suna no izumi, concludes the album and serves as the final farewell from Deluhi. It’s sound is a mix of both their older works as well as their more modern approach with more electric sounds. A fantastic gift to give the loyal Deluhi fans as they depart to wherever their next callings are.
Overall, this album is, in essence, a full, new album from the band as the songs have been completely re-recorded for this release only. Further to this, they did give us one extra song so it’s worth checking out.
Support the band as they depart for new horizons and remember to keep Deluhi alive in your hearts. They may be going but their music will remain forever. This release is available on CDJapan as well as the iTunes music store.
Sources: Band Image, Album Artwork(iTunes store)
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