Visual Kei Heaven Video Weekly Countdown Returns

Hey everyone! I am back and have the first new video countdown in a long time. Watch, and then be sure to send your favorite three current videos to "".
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  1. Seriously loved the top 3!
    Do you have a link for SuG's documentary in Taiwan?

  2. Only 17 for MoNoLith? D:
    Oh however, like the top 3 as well ^_^

  3. I'm glad that Blu-BiLLioN got a good place. They are really great :3

  4. I liked the top three as well. Lets all send in our votes so we can see our favorites on top!


    This is the SuG documentary. It is in his uploads under part 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. enjoy

  6. Well, I liked a couple of those bands xD Haha. I'm at least glad to see you doing the countdown again. It's a shame most modern VKei is just a fashion show with the same backing track =[ the labels need to lay off the artists a lot so we can go back to the good old stuff.