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Yesterday I had a nice conversation that gave me an interesting idea! So first of all thanks to Mangamaniac for the link to this image! You may wonder what I'm talking about.
I gonna start like this: You surely know people's reaction when you show a picture of for example Hizaki (Versailles) to a friend and tell him/her that he's a guy. It's always the same... but sometimes it's seriously hard to tell if someone in Visual Kei is male or female.
Long story short, I made a little picture quiz with 21 pictures of men looking like women (all members of vk bands) myself. In every picture with those 21 small pictures there's one real girl. Do you think you can find her? Please leave a comment with the number of the person you think is female! Careful, there are two pictures, each picture with 21 small pictures.
If you're totally sure you know the answer please just say you know it for sure since others may still wanna guess the right answer.

So, have fun! I hope it's not too difficult and not too easy as well!
[Click at the pictures so that they show up in a bigger size.]

Quiz A

Quiz B

Oh and btw, I'm sorry if I thought a woman to be a man and didn't get that there are actually two or more women in one picture... I'm only human, too, so please don't be angry. But according to my researches everything should be right.

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  1. Cute, I did one of these myself several years ago! It wasn't too hard to find the girls since I recognize most everyone in the pictures, but for those who don't recognize too many members, there is a clue in the explanation that makes is very easy to spot the girl in both sets!

  2. For Quiz A. . . I think it's 12. . . I definitely recognize this person, I just don't remember from where. . .
    For Quiz B, I know fewer of them. . . so I guess 17?

  3. @Anonymous1: that's great ;D are we able to find yours somewhere on the internet? ^^ I tryed to take as many famous musicians as possible so that it's a bit easier ;) But still I think it's not that simple =/

    @Anonymous2: In both sets you took numbers that indeed look really female... if I didn't know the right one I would have taken the same ones, probably ;) But I sadly have to tell you that both are wrong

    Just as a little hint: The funny thing is that sometimes you don't even know that there's a girl in a band with men only xD It's often like that ;)

  4. Quiz A: 5
    Quiz B: 16 maybe!

  5. (^O_O^) not bad, you got one right! not sure if people already wanna know which one is right ~

    if not, please stop reading here xD --------------

    A is right ;) Congrats!

  6. i definitely know that from quiz a its 5 because ive listened to them lol
    but for quiz B i am going to guess 9 and 17 (because the face is much too feminine to be a guy)

  7. @xSMILESx I can't definitely tell you that one of those two is right ;D

  8. It isn't 17 cause he is a guy.. but i don't remember in which group!

  9. First of all sorry to xSMILESx D: I actually wanted to say can instead can't xD one of those two is correct xD

    And yes,true, 17 is Ritsuka of Armeria (male).
    So you can guess that 9 is correct.
    Good job everyone! You wanna know who is who in the pictures?

  10. Thank you <3

    Ok, hopefully still remember everyone xD

    Quiz A:

    1. Eve (ex.Lycaon Drummer)
    2. Nora (ex.SaiL Bassist)
    3. Urala (ex.Poitrine Guitarist)
    4. Yuuna (ex.[_Vani;lla] Guitarist)
    5. Ryo (ex.Bi;shop Guitarist)
    6. Keita (ex.Aicle Guitarist)
    7. Rui (ex.Philter Guitarist)
    8. Mana-sama
    9. Hiyori (Kiryu Bassist)
    10. Hizaki (Versailles Guitarist)
    11. Mashiro (Oyuugi Wagamama Dan X【PaRADEiS】 Vocalist)
    12. Mikito (Ziggrat Bassist)
    13. Hikaru (D=OUT Guitarist)
    14. Tooru (ex.Medi@lize Synthesizer, he's now member of Vlossom)
    15. Yukine (ex.xTRiPx Bassist)
    16. Misery (Megaromania Guitarist)
    17. Yue (ex.AILE Guitarist, now Vocalist of Tu[ism])
    18. Miru (Bokurano Guitarist)
    19. Fuyimaru (Edogawa Paradox Drummer)
    20. Rame (ex.Vidoll Bassist)
    21. Bou (ex.An Cafe Guitarist)

    Rest to follow when I'm back!

  11. *19 Fujimaru, not Fuyimaru

  12. ok, next part!

    Quiz B

    1. Sairi (Reload Drummer)
    2. Dora (Blood Drummer)
    3. Joe (Chemical Pictures Guitarist)
    4. Takiru (PIECE Bassist)
    5. Sato (Neo Rock ‘n’ Roll Star→☆Ace Guitarist)
    6. Yuki (Qualia Bassist)
    7. Riu (ex.PureQ&A Guitarist)
    8. Sakura ( Bassist)
    9. Mar (Reclens Drummer)
    10. Carua (Memento Mori Drummer)
    11. Kuu (ex.Lilas Bassist)
    12. Yuze (E'm~grief~ Bassist)
    13. Marumaro (Saintia Drummer)
    14. hina (VURNY Guitarist)
    15. Hikari (Vallquar Vocalist)
    16. Core (THE COLD MILK Bassist)
    17. Ritsuka (Armeria Guitarist)
    18. Yori (STRIVE Guitarist)
    19. Rin (ISK;M Bassist)
    20. Shiyuu (ex.Serial⇔NUMBER Guitarist)
    21. Zekusu (ex.Virgil Bassist)

  13. I didn't look at A but when I saw quiz B online. The first person I spot was rekurenzu's Mar and of course I know for sure shes a girl. Shes my favorite drummer ever since sect materia, gizel, and now rekurenzu, So number 9 for quiz B Rekurenzu's coolest drummer Mar-chan is a girl in the pic ^_^

  14. Looked at quiz a without looking at anyones comment but this is really easy it's defintely number 5 Ryo from Bishop. I don't know everyone in the pic only the girls because vk is male dominated and I get happy when theirs actually a female member or band so I listened to all the bands that have a female in it. And even if I didn't I watch so many vk and gender bender shows, so it became easy to tell them apart I guest for me the girls really stand out among the other 20 guys in the pic. Even Hizaki can look like a guy when hes next to a girl cause versailles was interview by my favorite girl band SCANDAL and when he was sitting next to them he looked like a man even in his vk costume

  15. hmm.. maybe it's just me but does number 9 from quiz b (Mar, Reclens Drummer) look aliittle bit like Hiyori from Kiryu? (Of course, no offense to either of them >v<)