Introducing DragonWAPPPPPPER!

I actually just stumbled upon them today! My apologies if they're in the directory or have been talked about before. Their name is a really... odd one! (laughs)

DragonWAPPPPPPER is a band from Tokyo, Japan. The band formed Christmas Eve 2008, but didn’t start official activities until February 20, 2009.The visual concept of the band is Mote Rock, in which the bands sound is always evolving. The Number of P’s in the bands name represents each person in the band. Since there are 5 members in the band, the 6th P in DragonWAPPPPPPER is for the extra band member, the fans.


Vocalist: koUME

Guitarist: vivi☆

Guitarist: fumiyoshi

Bassist: NagisA

Drummer: P

Please look forward to more information concerning this band soon! I really shouldn't have taken the time to post this, but I was impatient!

Source: OHP,
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  1. One of mah Fav. Bands!!!!!I Just love Vivi,HIS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!!!Loved the PV,it was simple,but really entertaining XD


  2. I don't know much about them, but I'm glad you enjoy them so much!! :D

    I'll keep you updated as best I can~ Thank you for commenting. <3

    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment. I'm still really new to all of this.