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March 2019 Visual Kei/J-Rock Releases List + VKH Live March Madness!! Stream (8 PM EST)

Here's the list of releases for March 2019! Not sure what you should pick up this month? VKH has you covered! We're doing a s...
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Xaa-Xaa Mourns the Travesty of Pet Abandonment in New Single + Live DVD

Adding on to an already jam-packed March,  Xaa-Xaa are back at it with a new single titled  Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話) ! Th...
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BatAAr Calls Out Artist Demonetization and Suppression by Technocracy in "GHOSTMODERN[ism]" Music Video

Nobody is more sensitive to the suppression of art than artists themselves. And when it comes to visual kei artists,  BatAAr  has been ...
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