FASHION: Ambush Designs

(G-Dragon's Crayon MV)
Before anyone feels the need to remind me that this is a Visual-Kei site, I want it to be known that I already know this. But with the "Gangam Style" craze, the general public's opinion on K-Pop has been on the rise. I've always been a fan of Big Bang and the music video above was recently released by G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang. But the focus of this article is not the music, but the accessories that G-Dragon wears throughout the video. Countless people have been wondering where the unique items come from, and I have found the source of many of them.

G-Dragon collaborated with a Japanese brand known as Ambush Designs to make a collection for the release of his "One of a Kind" mini-album, the collection is called "SCREW IT".

Most of the accessories can be scene in the beginning as he opens a white box with the Ambush Design logo on the front. There, one is shown the center piece of the collection, the big "SCREW IT" pendant.

Since 8 is G-Dragon's lucky number, only 8 of these pendants were created. 88 Smaller pendants were also created. These are being exclusively sold at the My Boon store in October. Here is the link:

Claw Ring, Red
The second most requested item are the colored claw rings shown above. G-Dragon has these on in certain scenes and they are generally in direct camera view, drawing a large amount of attention to them. These claws come in five colors: gold, silver, blue, purple, and red.
Horn Bracelet
Underneath the rings, around his wrists are these. A leather bracelet underneath a cowhide layer with the unique design by Ambush Designs, this black, blue, and purple version is the one scene in the music video. The bracelets vary in colors also, coming in gold, silver, and with a changing band.

Among the many piercings are the two different versions of the Claw Earrings. Both of them come in gold, red, silver, black, blue, purple, and also a unique rainbow color. Many people wondered if they were gauges, or earrings that required stretching, but the picture shows that it is not required for these.

Ambush Design is a brand that many Oshare-Kei and other "happier" Visual-Kei band members wear.

For more of Ambush Design products that were not featured in the G-Dragon music video, or for those that I missed. Here is the link to find all the news, styles, and web shop for Ambush Designs. 
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